About Us


At Maritime Services Group we provide a variety of services that promote safety, effective team building skills, quality training and growth inside your company.  Our staff will provide the quality, professional, and personal services that will exceed your expectations. We continue to expand in various facets of the industry and, at present, we are providing companies and mariners all around the United States with quality educational training, improvement in teambuilding leadership, emergency response logistical services, and regulatory compliance consultant services.

CEO Tom McWhorter


Tom McWhorter, The CEO/Owner of Maritime Services Group of Louisiana, LLC has over 36 Years of experience in the Maritime Transportation Industry.  In 1978 he started out as a deckhand on a towing vessel and gained the skills and competency to obtain his Master's License. While the majority of his career has been in the Inland/River industry, he has worked on near coastal and off shore vessels as well. His role has primarily shifted shore side in leadership and management roles since the 1990's; however, he still holds valid USCG credentials and has run a vessel as Master as recently as May 2011.  

Tom is very active in the issues facing this industry on various local, state, and national levels. He is recognized as a leader in the industry and heavily involved with co-op groups regarding regulatory issues.  He works with federally appointed advisory committees such as TSAC, MERPAC and others, determining best operational and business practices in the industry for safer, more efficient, and highly effective services.  He is valued in his field as an instructor, having taught several hours of USCG National Maritime Center industry approved courses, while also donating hours of time with several regulatory agencies. His vast experience and leadership of this organization can positively assist your company with the services offered.

Carolyn Wilson-Vice President of Academic Affairs

As the vice president of academic affairs, Carolyn is responsible for the academic curriculum of the institution, providing leadership to the faculty, and managing the process by which students are enrolled and advanced through the program.  Carolyn strives to work with each potential student to assist in completing required training as well as qualifying mariners as merchant mariners throught he United States Coast Guard.

Our Training Programs

The training programs at MSGOLA are not only designed to meet the regulatory requirements, but also give the students practical knowledge and skills to increase their professional competency. The students will take the learned skills back to their work place and share with co-workers and management.  These competencies will assist in gaining a safer and professional environment for the purpose of meeting and exceeding the goals and missions of their organization.

Austin McWhorter - Operations/Instructor

Austin works to ensure the efficient operation of daily activities.  This includes providing lodging, meals, and support for the students while in classroom training.  Coordinating with Academic Affairs, Austin is also responsible for making sure capable and qualified instructors are scheduled for each course.

Our Consulting Services

Our small but knowledgeable full time staff have a combined industry working knowledge of over a century in various sectors. We also employ several contractors who are the leading experts in their field.  We strategically work with regulatory agencies and industry work groups to stay abreast of new and amended regulations, policy, and guidance to share with our customers.  Our knowledge and expertise can provide you with premier personalized services to assist in exceeding your missions and goals to improve programs for safe, effective, and efficient operations in your organization.